November 17, 2009

Part 2 building a 13 part turks head bracelet tutorial

This is part two of the tutorial

Place the running lead OVER the crossing strand in the center and  place the running lead OVER the standing lead on the right making a bight (turn) under the rubber band on the right side as shown

bulk cord in white and hand dyed colors available here

Cross the center lead again going the other way. Place the running lead OVER the center as before and OVER the standing lead on the left side. Place a bight under the rubber band.

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Cross OVER the center lead again headed to the right. (Notice the standing lead on the left is not used until the knot is complete).

Form the bight on the right hand side under the rubber band. Be sure that the running lead passes OVER the standing lead.

Now for the first time place the running lead UNDER the first strand and OVER the second.

Use a loop as shown to feed the cord through the weave and pull the slack through. Be careful not to disturb the rest of the cords!

Place the cord OVER the standing part on the left and secure it with the rubber band.

Remember the move to the outside is always OVER the last standing part.
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Anonymous said...

hi! just a quick question about this tutorial: i was wondering about the method used to weave two different colours of rope for this bracelet, just like the photo of the bracelets at the top of your website. If you could please comment back and let me know the method used, I would really appreciate it!
Thanks so much, and thanks for a great tutorial!

George said...

The contrasting color cord is simply laid alongside the other cord and followed through the knot. It's the same as doubling or tripling the weave but instead a separate colored piece of cord is used. There are two extra loose ends that are tucked under and secured.
Hope that's helpful! Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

ok great thanks! what is the best way to secure the ends after you have finished weaving?

George said...

There are several ways to secure the loose ends: You can use glue to bind the fibers together, you can use a needle and thread to sew them together, or you can simply leave the ends tucked under one of the bights.

Anonymous said...

thank you for all of your help!

George said...

OK so here is an illustrated tutorial showing how to place a center strand in a turks head knot.