November 17, 2009

Part 3, building a 13 part turks head knot bracelet

This is part 3 of the tutorial:

Move toward the right and again place the running lead UNDER the first strand, then OVER the second. Use the loop and gently pull the cord through.

Place the bight and "zig" to the left.

bulk cord in white and hand dyed colors available here

Work back to the left again using the same sequence but this time there will be two standing leads, place the running lead UNDER the third one and OVER the outside lead. Use the loop again and draw the cord through.

Completed rope bracelets available here

Here you can see the UNDER-OVER pattern at the outside left held in place with the rubber bands.

The cord leads to the right again...

...and goes UNDER the first standing part, then OVER the second one (just like before) using the loop to avoid tangling the long slack end.

At the outside on the left it's the same move again: UNDER the first standing part then OVER the outermost part.

We have 5 of the 13 parts placed now. The knot is complete for a five part diamond weave as you can see the over-under pattern is consistent even though there is lots of space left on the mold. We will fill that space up as the number of parts increases.

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