November 18, 2009

Part 4, building a 13 part turks head knot bracelet - Adding more parts

This is part 4 of the tutorial:

Keep working the running part across the knot from side to side reversing direction after going OVER the last standing part.

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Here the edge pattern is clearly established and visible.

Each time the running part crosses the first standing part be sure it is opposite the previous strand. If the previous strand goes over the parallel strand then pass the running part under. This keeps the over-under pattern intact.

On the outer edge the running strand must always emerge OVER the last sanding part. Work backwards to set up the over-under pattern to ensure that the last crossing is always OVER.

The open diamonds will get smaller as you add parallel strands. You will also notice that every other circuit around the knot appears to exactly follow the parallel strand on the opposite side of the diamond. This pattern will become clear as the number of strands increases bringing the parallel parts closer together.

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