February 8, 2013

Green and white beaded cuff bracelet 2629

This is another in the series of one button rope bracelets made from up-cycled cord segments, a few beads and some cotton floss. The basic assembly is the same as this tutorial but with a few extra embellishments.

This design is a bit wider about 1 5/8" (42 mm) and has a double row of glass beads in the fabric. The edges are wrapped with cotton floss. The framing cord is made from cotton piping which is very soft and easily damaged.
 The floss is placed after the cords have been compressed so the shape and size is established.

The colors are muted sage and blue. Beads are green and blue. The white nylon cord is a recycled shopping bag handle.

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Grey and white two button beaded tribal cuff 

The floss is used here to reinforce and protect the button loop. Size is a large medium measuring 7 3/4" (196 mm). This was made on an 8" mold.

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