January 14, 2013

black and blue one button rope bracelet 2616

 Here's another product of scrap-box diving made entirely of pieces of paracord and other synthetic materials.
The framing cord is black polyester with a brown plastic button. The infill cords are back paracord, blue nylon, some hand dyed blue nylon (the lighter color), a piece of green nylon from REI and a center of olive drab green.

Synthetics seem to be very compressible as in this bracelet which was about 1 1/2" (43 mm) wide when laid out on the mold but came out only 1" (25 mm) wide.
 The colors are quite vibrant with the blue contrasting strongly with the black and green.

When these are made the cord segments are centered and the loop is positioned at the button loop ends and loose ends are gathered and tied up on the opposite end, then trimmed off. I use three or four long needles to hold everything together while the edge binding is done.

Here's another design with different colors.
I filled in the open loops with a couple of small glass beads. These loops open up as the edge binding is compressed during construction.

The construction technique is shown starting with part one of a seven part tutorial.

This bracelet is available in my Etsy shop along with more examples of this unique fiber art work.

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