January 28, 2013

one button tutorial part 1 framework loop and toggle 2626

 This tutorial shows how to make a simple one button rope bracelet out of clothesline and cotton cord.

The photo shows the completed bracelet with the heavier framing cords on the outside edge and the white and grey infill cord in the center.

This tutorial is presented in 7 parts, navigation buttons at the bottom of this page. To see pre-made bracelets similar to this design please visit my Etsy shop.

Materials needed: PVC pipe coupling (used as a mold), 16" of 3/8" clothesline cord, 48" nylon thread and needle, plastic button, a bundle of cotton cord (infill material)

Tools needed: small pliers, diagonal wire cutter, two nylon cable ties, crochet hook or chop stick.
Step one:
Create the framework cord and place the button:

Match the clothesline cord ends and place a few stitches across the cord to secure the ends. Keep the ends even as shown.
 Fold the cord back about 3/4" and bind with more cross stitching. Draw up the stitching to compress the cord ends together.

Hint: using a waxed thread makes it easy to tension the thread as the wax creates friction within the cord thus holding it in place.
Place 4 or 5 cross stitches in the folded cord and draw up securely.

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