January 19, 2013

Placing the center strand tutorial part 1

This tutorial shows how to place a contrasting center cord in a turks head knot. Here are things you will need:

48" of contrasting color cord

pre-made Turks Head Knot bracelet - this example is a 12 bight x 5 part x 2 strand knot left in a relaxed shape  - read about how to make a rope bracelet here

wood fid - custom made out of 3/8" dowel
(If you don't have a fid you can use a ball point pen with a bit of tape over the tip to prevent ink stains.)

 Place the fid on the end of the center cord.

Find the end of the turks head knot and count 2 1/2 times around the circumference to locate the center. (5 parts divided in half = 2 1/2)

How do you know how many parts your knot has? Read Decoding the Knot to find out

Insert the fid in the center of the knot as shown. Spread the outer strands using the fid to create a path for the center strand.
Draw the cord through the knot at the center point of the turks head knot until an equal amount of center cord is on both sides.

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