December 24, 2012

simple one button rope bracelet 2577

 This is a very simple design made with a few scraps of cord, a small plastic button, and 48" of nylon thread.

The outside cord loop is the framing cord which secures the button and forms the loop. The colored cords are the infill and can be any color or combination you like. This one is a mix of grey and green/blue which is a common color in my resource storage box a.k.a. "scrap box".

The construction technique is shown starting with part one of a seven part tutorial.

 Detail of the button and loop which shows how the cross stitching tightens the loop slightly enabling a secure but easy to open toggle closure.

A single piece of nylon thread can be used to secure the button and bind the fabric. The infill cords are doubled and the loop end placed inside the loop of the framing cord. In this example there are four cords on each side.

Here's a similar design made with black and blue synthetic materials.
 The materials are hand dyed cotton cord including some of the twisted cable cord. This adds a subtle texture alongside the smooth braided cords.

The binding process reduces the layout size about 50%. This example is about 7/8" wide.

See this design and others like it in the fiber art design section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy.

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