February 11, 2013

two button rainbow bead cuff rope bracelet 2643

 This design is actually a pair of one button bracelets made from the same batch of infill color cords with the center seam filled with a row of brightly colored 10 mm glass beads.

This tutorial explains how to make a one button rope bracelet. 

Here are some other designs:
Grey and white one button rope bracelet 2635
Simple one button rope bracelet 2577
 The beads are stitched in using a piece of four ply nylon thread which is embedded in the framing cord at the edges, invisible in these photos though.

Made on an 8" mold this bracelet is about 7 7/8"  (200 mm) inside circumference. There is some shrinkage due to the compression that occurs with the edge binding process.

Measures about 1 7/8" (48 mm) wide.
The loops are made from the framing cord, buttons stitched in place on the gather end of infill cords using nylon thread.

                      Available here.

design and photographs © copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop

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