May 2, 2009

fiber necklace & bracelets item 163

A set of three cotton fiber wrapped bangles and a choker style necklace all color coordinated. The cores are nylon and the wrappings are hand dyed cotton cord.

The bracelets are 2 7/8" diameter (174 mm) or adult "large" size in eggplant, scarlet, and grey with pumpkin and gold accents. The bangles are slip-ons.

The necklace is 6 1/2" diameter (237 mm) or about 19" long (47 cm) in scarlet red and grey with eggplant accents. The necklace is secured with a loop and monkey fist toggle.

To order this item or to request a similar design in alternate sizes or colors please visit the Etsy store and click on "Request a custom item" on the right side. Please include the item number for reference.

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