May 12, 2009

treasure hunt - can you name the location?

Name the location of the three turks heads in the photos and win a free item from the blog. Look carefully to spot them, they are not very large.

Enter your answer by posting a comment here. Comments posted on the blog will be the official log of entries for purposes of determining the first correct answer.

good luck!


m13dragongirl said...

The first one is around the triangular shaped piece of rebar sticking up out of the cement. The second one is around the top horizontal rail to the left of the middle verticle rail. The third one is on the near side rail on the verticle end piece just above the middle horizontal rail. It is a very dark color.

George said...

Correct as far as location in the pictures. Who knows the geographic location or place name?

mark said...

lake of the isles?

George said...

Mark, Close but not correct!
Anyone else know where these photos were taken?