June 25, 2009

How to measure for size

The first step in measuring for a turks head bracelet is to determine the "slip-on" size. This is the minimum circumference that is needed to slip the bracelet on over your hand. Wrists are generally smaller than the hands so almost any bracelet that will slip on will also be a bit loose on your wrist.

This is done by squeezing your thumb and little finger together as shown on the left, then taking a measurement around the larger part of your hand.

Using a tape measure (or a piece of string) wrap the tape around the "fat" part of your hand. Usually this is the area between your thumb muscle and your knuckles.

If you use string, wrap the string around as shown then lay it flat and measure using a ruler or yardstick.

I have larger hands so this measurement for me is around 10". I can squeeze into a 8 3/8" circumference bracelet without injury.

Repeat this step several times until you have a consistent measurement. Use this measurement to check the inside circumference size posted on the listings.

Note that most of the turks head bracelets shown will have some give to them enabling them to stretch enough for you to squeeze through. The measurements posted are taken with the bracelets in a relaxed (un-stretched) condition.

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