July 25, 2009

simple classic designs

In an effort to come up with a simple "trademark" product I have been working on standardizing the design of a simple bracelet that is different from the commonly available products but that is easy to produce in both size and color.

The top photo is the prototype made in a white 3 mm cotton cord drawn up to finished shape. It's a herringbone weave of five parts that is doubled to form nice slip on style rope bracelet.

On the left are some of the basic colors:
A grey-green hand-dyed color
Another white one
A brown polyester blend
Another white one
And a black polyester blend

These four are more colorful, all in cotton hand-dyed colors:
Teal blue

All are 29 bight x 5 part x 2 strand THBs which are adult "medium" sizes. This style can also be made in a series of standard sizes from "extra small" to "extra large".

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