October 16, 2009

new )strata( design with glass beads item 402

Here's a new slip on style cotton fiber bracelet made with a collection of blue, green and grey cord segments and glass beads. The red bead is an accent that sets the blue green colors off and adds a nice contrast. The beads are tightly integrated into the fabric but they lie on the surface of the compressed cords. This gives the piece a nubbly texture. It's not all soft and flexible anymore.

This is a look at the bracelet from the side. The cords holding the beads can be seen. Extra nylon floss was used to hold the cord loops so they don't flop around. There's a contrast of the hard cold glass and the tightly bound cord.

The edge on shows how irregular the beads make the whole piece. It's like a tangled piece of fishing line that washes up on the beach with bits of sea glass and other junk all wound up in a colorful mess. Found art that is made by hand....
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