December 30, 2009

design )strata( cotton fiber anklet

Design )strata( anklet shown here modeled by the beautiful and creative owner of her own craft shop: "The Purple Rat" check it out here:

If you are planning  a winter vacation to a beach resort this is a unique and special accessory that will add color and style to your beach wardrobe. 

Design )strata( bracelets are available with or without embedded beads. All are 100% hand made with hand dyed cotton cord and durable nylon thread. Upcycled scraps of colored cord are used to create these unique pieces. Each one is different but they all share a high level of craftsmanship and durable construction.

This anklet is a toggle closure design allowing it to be easily removed when needed.

This piece is size is x large perfect for the barefoot look. Other sizes are available in shop or you may convo to request a size/color combination all your own.

Design )strata( bracelets are also made without a toggle closure in a slip-on bangle shape. The cotton cord construction is flexible to fit over your hand, lightweight, and colorful.

More like this can be found in the design+fiber section of the Etsy shop 

Also be sure to visit Wild Goose Chase on Zibbet
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Here is the detail of the ankle bracelet design


Bayberry Roost said...

Nice blog post, George. Here's my blog post reply. Cheers!

...and thank you so much!

George said...

You are welcome and thanks for your support! Support handmade and live happy!

Thomas Jackson said...

Simple but oh so lovely, great job!
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