January 8, 2010

Ocean shore layered cord bracelet 467

Completed and finished

Here's the finished bracelet showing the sewn in beads both inside the cord loops and applied after. The nylon thread holds everything tightly together not unlike the filaments that secure mussels to ocean rocks. Clusters of beads on both ends.

Finished size is 7 1/2" inside circumference; 2 3/8" inside diameter; approx 1 1/4" wide with some natural variation

In progress on the PVC mold:

The )strata( bracelets are made from bits of upcycled cotton cord. Here is a piece in progress. The mold is a piece of PVC pipe.

The cords are arranged in parallel then tied together with nylon thread.

The beads are worked into the loops using another piece of nylon thread worked in parallel to the cords.

In this view the looped ends near the toggle are in the process of being stitched together. On the right side the beads have been stitched into the fabric and the loops pulled firmly together.

This is a toggle closure style design. The white cord has been tied into a 2x2x2 monkey fist knot and placed in the open loop to create an armature to construct the remaining parts.
Long needles are used to enable the design to be worked out. These are frequently repositioned as more material is added or removed.

On this side the cords are shown before the stitching so you can see the temporary needles used to hold the design in place.

This apparently wide area will reduce to about 50% of original size as the stitching is applied.

This bracelet was sold to a buyer at a local craft fair in Feb 2010.

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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