January 18, 2010

New )strata( design slip on 465

Blue seems to be the color that I like to work with the most. Maybe it's the idea that in January in Minnesota there is a warm blue ocean somewhere to the south.

Anyway here's the most recent work in the )strata( series. This slip on design is large 8 5/8" inside circumference. There are a number of smallish beads worked into and on the surface.

The edges are white and a darker blue. There is a lime green accent buried between the lavender an turquoise.

I rather like the wide blue color. A larger expanse enables the texture of the cords to express in a linear pattern of shadows.

The wider cord wrap cost me two large needles that broke during the binding. The waxed floss can be pretty gnarly to work with. It keeps grabbing things on the workbench.

Coming soon to an online shop. If you can't wait and want this one NOW let me know.

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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