February 26, 2010

frayed work in progress part II 551

Another run at putting fiber together in a bundle. This time the cords run "up and down" with the nylon thread going "round and round" (that's technical language)

On the mold there were loops where the colored cord reversed direction. These have been cut to enable the natural softness of the cord to express through the fray. Some core color plus the dyed sheath color come through.

The ends are loosened up and bushed out to thicken and soften the edges. Looks like more fray is a good thing.

Technical challenges include consistent threading of the nylon thread through all the cords, shrinkage of the cords as they are compressed creating gaps in the surface, and routing of the nylon thread.

The nylon thread makes for zero stretch or pretty close to it. This one is made on a 7 5/8" mold so it's a "medium" size for someone with skinny hands.

Like all the other design )strata( series this is made from up cycled materials. Also, it's green. no really look closely!

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop