April 21, 2010

Sword + Fern

Here is an original and creative artist you must check out:


Emily offers a new look at what up-cycled materials can become in the hands of an original thinker and poet. Find her Etsy shop right here:


or check out her blog where you can get a behind the scenes look at Emily's world.


Anyone who is a fan of Neko Case is automatically defined as a person of exceptional good taste!
Happy April morning!

April 20, 2010

new material traditional designs

Found some new cord material in the closeout bin at a local shop. It's 2 mm silicone cord. Decided to see if this stuff could be used to make a turks head bracelet and sure enough it works just fine. This is a wider 9 x 22 x 3 design. #608

Here's a typical 3 part weave #607
Other designs can be made with this material as well. It comes off the spool with a "set" that must be aligned with the piece to avoid kinks and twists. A very small weaving fid helps to thread the doubled and tripled passes.

The material is stretchable so these pieces can fit a lot of different people who may have a big hands and skinny wrists. 

Silicone is waterproof and chemically inert. The texture is similar to a leather cord but smoother. I warms to your skin temperature rapidly.

This particular color is a dark purple which looks black in dim light. Workability is fair. The cord is very slippery until it gets worked up into a tight crossing pattern then it must be drawn through the weave carefully. Fortunately it is also quite strong enabling the knot to be tripled and worked even.

April 15, 2010

Back online after DSL modem outage

Dontcha just love it when all of a sudden the "you are not connected to the internet" pops up on your browser instead of expected web page? Late last night I get this message and a glance at the modem shows a row of green lights with a red one on the top. Hmmm. The DSL light is out, The internet light is out. Cycled it on and off a few times with no effect. After a call to Quest tech support the verdict is in: bad modem and oh BTW it's "out of warranty" (of course...)

Back in the green now after a visit to my local Best Buy and a quick call to the ISP to configure the box. So I need you all to support my new connection hardware with a visit to my Zibbet shop

Click and see a huge inventory of colorful turks head bracelets, a new collection of the design )strata( bracelets, and a few unusual items as well.


April 6, 2010

Fantasy Dream Knits: My Craft Corner Etsy and Artfire Artisans

Check out this collection of My Craft Corner (MCC) and Etsy and Artfire items reviewed by Tammy at Fantasy Deram Knits

Fantasy Dream Knits: My Craft Corner Etsy and Artfire Artisans