April 20, 2010

new material traditional designs

Found some new cord material in the closeout bin at a local shop. It's 2 mm silicone cord. Decided to see if this stuff could be used to make a turks head bracelet and sure enough it works just fine. This is a wider 9 x 22 x 3 design. #608

Here's a typical 3 part weave #607
Other designs can be made with this material as well. It comes off the spool with a "set" that must be aligned with the piece to avoid kinks and twists. A very small weaving fid helps to thread the doubled and tripled passes.

The material is stretchable so these pieces can fit a lot of different people who may have a big hands and skinny wrists. 

Silicone is waterproof and chemically inert. The texture is similar to a leather cord but smoother. I warms to your skin temperature rapidly.

This particular color is a dark purple which looks black in dim light. Workability is fair. The cord is very slippery until it gets worked up into a tight crossing pattern then it must be drawn through the weave carefully. Fortunately it is also quite strong enabling the knot to be tripled and worked even.

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