May 11, 2010

orbit beaded soft bangle bracelet grey design )strata( 631

Grey cotton soft bangle with black "planet" bead and a row of purple center czech glass beads assembled by hand  and bound with 4 ply nylon thread. The cotton material is worked around a circular mold to create a firm but flexible shape.

A row of glass lavender "atmosphere" beads are integrated  by passing the nylon binding thread through the center of the beads as the bracelet is assembled.

The beads separate the cotton cord and catch the light. Size is 8" (200 mm) inside circumference. Check your slip-on size    click here     then buy with confidence

This piece is available for purchase find it on Zibbet    click here:

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This is part of the design )strata( series of bracelets available at all three online venues:
ArtFire      click here  
Etsy          click here
Zibbet      click here 

Note: each site contains unique stock, no items are duplicated across these three sites.

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