February 19, 2011

cotton fiber cuff - custom work

Recently I received a request from a person who wanted a wider version of a design )strata( bracelet purchased previously. This project started out to replicate the colors used in the original in a wider finished size. 

Getting consistent color from my small batch dye lots is a significant challenge. I use standardized recipes for the dye baths but there are a number of other variables that control the outcome:  Length of time the  cord spends immersed in the dye bath, the rinse-out process including the temperature of the rinse water and the length of time in the rinse; and of course the absorption characteristics of the cord.

The creation of this design also involves layout of the cord and the binding process which compresses the cord together. This compression reduces the width by about 50% so a 1" wide finished bracelet starts out at about 2" on the mold.

The finished piece came out a bit narrower than I wanted but the results are I think rather pleasing. Greys, white, pink, and a yellow accent are subdued but interesting and the compression process enables the bracelet to hold it's shape.

You can see more of this type of work in the design section of the Etsy shop and a much larger selection on ArtFire and Zibbet as well. 
A few examples of the toggle closure style can be found here and here and here

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