March 17, 2011

white macrame toggle bracelet with monkey fist knot 1203

 Macrame (square knot) toggle bracelet made with 2.3 mm white nylon cord. This is a classic square knot pattern made with a single piece of cord. First a 3 x 3 x 3 monkey fist knot is made in the center of the cord and firmed up. The remaining cord is double looped and the knotting pattern begins at the base of the monkey fist. The ends are stitched to prevent unraveling. Finished size is 7 3/8" (186 mm).
The loop ends are designed to pass through the space between the monkey fist and the start of the braid, then loop back over the monkey fist. This makes the closure more secure and allows easy removal.

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design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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How to Macrame said...

I love the monkey's fist knot! One of my favorites. the white bracelet is very nice for summer. For anyone looking for more info about how to macrame, I just wanted to post a link to our blog how to macrame as it is filled with various knots, photos, inspirations and patterns. Macrame is something everyone can enjoy i think.

PS I especially love those glow in the dark bracelets you made a while back!