April 17, 2011

You sunk my battleship collection on Etsy

Ever get that sinking feeling? Deborah OToole aka sunnyplainquilting apparently does and she shows us how in her collection You sunk my battleship which aptly describes this little universe of dreadnaughts. Battling for my attentions are the Vintage Metal Cracker Jack Prize offered by guiltypleasures who has a shop full of vintage and shabby chic items you need to check out. Reclaimed leather and a strong design sense make fullgive's shop of funky belts, laptop & messenger bags a must see. The fullgive leather belts presents the fg in battleship gray is but one example of this accomplished collection.

The featured item is once again the simple but sophisticated BASIC rope bracelet this one offered in (what else?) battleship grey. These start out large and loose then transition to fit according to your personal preference. Check out the entire collection of colors in the BASIC bracelets section of my Etsy shop.

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