May 5, 2011

Antique ships wheel with fancy knot work

Got boat? Well maybe it's the  ship's wheel that makes the difference. This antique ships wheel sports a black asymmetrical turks head knot on the king spoke. This is the "up-and-down" position of the wheel when the rudder is amidships and the ship is moving (hopefully) in a straight line. The helmsman can determine the location of the king spoke and know the position of the rudder by grasping the knot while his/her attention is focused elsewhere.

Of course this particular ship may never need the serious attention of an experienced navigator but it will definitely need a yard maintenance crew sometime in the near future.

Thanks to Patsy at South Seas Charter for sending in these photos.

If you like the design of this unusual form of the turks head knot you can read more about it here. These can be ordered in two sizes for use as a king spoke marker or as a fashion forward rope bracelet. Here's an example of the design in a silver nylon cord. If you like the shape but want a different color please make a custom request.

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