June 7, 2011

beachy keen collection on Etsy

Summer arrived in Minneapolis yesterday with 97 deg temps. Definitely beach weather. If you can't get away from the office you can check out barefootnrags collection beachy keen now up on Etsy. Find out more about Kara Young's personal mission on her blog. Then check out her shop filled with fabric bows, headbands, and headwraps. Now on to the beach!

Jennifer Steen Booher has a crisp collection of high resolution photographs including Beachcombing series (No.6) which makes treasure out of the scraps thrown down by the tide. See more work in her shop quercusdesign and on her Flickr site or on her blog.

I'm drawn to the Wooden Wave Stacker- Waldorf Toy- Ocean- Earth Day. The color and form are a treat for kids and their adults too. Check out Erin's other beautiful toys in her shop Imaginationkids

The featured item in this beachy bundle is once again the BASIC turks head knot bracelet deep ocean blue part of the BASIC series of do-it-yourself rope bracelets. These are made large to slip on everyone's hand then you adjust them to make a perfect fit. See the entire collection here.

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Jenn said...

cool collection - thanks for featuring my photo!