June 10, 2011

ecru and teal two button cuff 1393

This design )strata( cotton cuff is made entirely out of natural and hand dyed cotton cable cord. The colors selected are white, off white, teal, and grey-green.  A pair of green plastic buttons and loops hold this cuff closed. As you can see the loops are positioned more than half way around the cuff creating a diagonal seam. The fabric is made by binding the cord strands together with strong but elastic nylon thread. This compresses the cords as the thread is tensioned which stiffens the material enabling the distinctive organic shape to appear. The twisted cords create the ribbed appearance of the fabric. 
This piece measures about 8" (203 mm) inside circumference when closed and about 2" (52 mm) wide. This cuff will change shape when you put it on and if you get it wet it will shrink somewhat as it is made from cotton. 

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