July 31, 2011

white paracord triple weave herringbone cuff bracelet 1458

Here is another in the series of triple weave herringbone or "gaucho" weaves this one made from white parachute cord. Sydney wood provides an in-depth tutorial on his web site for the Gaucho Weave Pattern.  Bud Brewer has a simpler photo essay showing how to tie a small gaucho knot.

The weave design is 3-3-3-3-3-3 forming an 18 x 19 x 1 design made on a 10 1/2" mold. The paracord is very soft and has a lot of inherent stretch so this bracelet which measures about 8 7/8" (225 mm) off he mold can stretch out to be larger.

The resulting pattern has the familiar three "V" fishbone look.
This example was made to demonstrate the pattern and test for required cord length.

This bracelet is available in my Zibbet Shop in the Classic Whites section. If you have any questions please click here to message me.
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