August 20, 2011

paracord herringbone weave turks head knot extra large 1533

 This is an extra large herringbone or gaucho weave turks head knot made with olive drab parachute cord. In the front view you can see the distinctive "V" patterns in four groups. The edges are double overlap, the center is quadruple overlap.

This was made on a jig using a pattern map that was taped to a cardboard mold. The photo shows the knot after the first half of the parts are placed. You can see the gaps where the remaining cord will be interwoven to fill in the over four under four pattern.

The push pins hold the cords securely in place on the map.
The weave design is 32 bights x 28 parts x 1 strand using ~40 ft of cord. Weave design: O2 U4 O4 U4 O4 U4 O4 O2 (28 parts)

This is shown in a relaxed state as it came off the mold. The cords are loose and will be worked up to a firm symmetrical shape. To request one of these please use the Etsy convo utility.

This is not a knot that can be tied easily. This example required four attempts. The first try was made using a different pattern and no interweave. The second try came up short with only 35 ft of cord. The Third try had so many weaving errors it had to be undone. Here is the fourth which despite a few corrected errors is the intended pattern.

Finished worked up on the 10 3/4" mold.

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Frits NL said...

Nice gaucho knot. The nr of coding elements 28 actually make a 32bx29p knot (number of parts is number of coding elements+1) which makes the gcd 1 as it always should be with 1 string. The gridmaker software could really be a help in doing this.