August 3, 2011

hybrid weave turks head knot cuff bracelet 1477

 Double herringbone or gaucho weave edges with a plain weave center make an interesting and complex pattern for this extra wide turks head knot. The material is a high density nylon cord with a smooth braided cover. 
Now available in my Etsy shop. There is only one of these!
The weave design is 2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2 which has been doubled as you can see in the photos or 18 x 19 x 2.
This knot required the better part of a 50 ft hank of material and several do-overs before it was complete.
The end view shows the double overlap of the herringbone weave which also enables the bracelet to stretch a little bit more than the plain weave alone.

Size is rather large:
8 5/8" (220 mm) inside circumference
3 1/2" (90 mm) wide
In theory this design can be made smaller by not doubling the weave. It can be expanded by increasing the number of doubled overlaps on the edge from 2 to 4 as well as adding to the plain weave pattern in the center.
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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