August 21, 2011

just one more day by the sea collection wasting away on Etsy

If only we had just one more day by the sea we could re-live summer's relaxation. Since it's back-to-school time for many we will have to live vicariously through PianoBenchDesigns treasury collection. This graduate student offers an elegant collection of sterling silver wire jewelry in her Etsy shop that communicates on many levels.

Wire is the material used by Xanadu2You to create this Sixteen sided copper wire basket in teal blue, green, and brown part of a collection of finely made baskets in an array of colors. See more in her shop and in Storque Spotlight, "Organization Nation" or in Etsy Gift Guide -- One Of A Kind (OOAK) gifts.

This Deep Aqua Turquoise Blue Ocean Beach Sea Coral Art Glass Bowl will remind you of the sea no matter where you live. Made by Joan Rosen from the bay area you can find more in her shop UneekGlassFusions or on her website.

The featured item in this collection is the black paracord small turks head knot sailor rope bracelet a traditional pattern in a a modern material. Parachute cord has a comfortable elastic quality which makes it an ideal material for these rope bracelets. See more simple black designs in the Etsy shop.

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anabelucraft said...

I like your brazalets...Are beutiful!!