August 16, 2011

paracord wide hybrid weave cuff bracelet 1518

 I'm working on a project for a customer to develop extra wide cuffs. This series uses a combination of weave patterns. Here's one made from olive drab para cord.

The design is 33 lead x 32 bight x 1 strand laid out with two different herringbone weave patterns:
The edges are over two-under two (O2 U2)
The center is over four - under four (O4 U4)
pattern design is coded thus:
O2 U2   O4 U4 O4 U4 O4 U4   O2 U2
The para cord is from u-braid-it Braiding supply Co. Very nice people to deal with, now one of my recommended suppliers. They offer a full palette of parachute cord colors and other hardware for the equine inclined. 

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