November 4, 2011

Knot Twist Knit collection on Etsy

Knot Twist Knit...Modern Design collection made by Magdalena Orlik from Poland features several fine knots. Magdalana's shop Modesign features her line of unique jewelry. Find her all over on Facebook or Flickr or on her blog (written in Polish, fair warning!).

This Sailor Knot Bracelet / Turk's Head Knot Bangle Bracelet offered by Tara Jobe in her shop Tara Lane Designs is but one of many creative combinations of hard and soft materials. This one made it to the front page of Etsy (wow, how'd you do that?)

Then there is this Infinity Knot necklace which is of course a carrick bend knot made out of a nice soft braided cord offered by the enigmatic crumpetcake in her shop crumpet cake (oh that's better!) along with an eclectic variety of  colorful pendants.

The third knot and my personal favorite is this white & sky blue turks head knot sailor rope bracelet offered in a medium size here but available by special order in both large and small versions while supplies of the hand dyed cord last. You can see similar combinations in the blended colors section of my Etsy shop or for an expanded collection drop by my Zibbet shop where there are no expiration dates (yay!).

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