November 14, 2011

Simply collection on Etsy

Simply is a smaller collection of Etsy finds by Amanda from Milwaukee has an eclectic mix of both new and vintage goodies. She has a shop named GuthrieHandmade a shop of quirky, cute illustrations and Handmade things.

Repurposing old dictionaries might seem a challenge but CarpeDiemTreasures has done it with this Lotus Blossom Origami from Vintage Dictionary Pages with Tan Leaves. Your college english professor wants one of these and you can find more unique vintage finds and treasures from years of collecting in their shop of the same name.

Another unusual find are these Vintage Jadite Small Bowls offered by Maureen from her shop MozTreasures which is filled with an extensive collection of more than 800 treasures. Yeah!

The featured item in this collection is this teal blue turks head knot rope bracelet made with a soft hand dyed cotton braid. This one is size "small" but you can order larger sizes just click here. More colors and weave designs are available in the solid colors section of my Etsy shop.

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Maureen said...

A very nice mention...thank you!