December 12, 2011

GetKnotted collection on Etsy

There are lots of cool items in this collection GetKnotted by Helen Jeffrey so I picked four (coulda picked more..)
First up is the Autumn Knot Loop necklace in Barley made by laurimuks one of many nature inspired modern knit accessories available in her shop of the same name across the pond in Scotland.

Next is this brilliant Knotted Cotton cord bracelet - Red and blue made by Happyqueen Last Name from Madird. She's on vacation now but check back when her shop KukuiBisuteria re-opens for accessories, home decor, jewelry, & hair pieces.

Also blue with knots is this minimalist Bracelet. Navy Blue Paracord. Adjustable Sliding Knots. made by Erin Smith in her shop MOONDROPSjewelry which is filled with a diverse mixture of styles mostly inspired by nature & it's elements.
And last but by no means least is this Life Survival Paracord Bracelet made by AustinR and offered in his shop CordMe where you can find more paracord creations in a variety of bright colors and designs.

Th featured item in this collection is the white turks head knot sailor rope bracelet one of the more popular designs for all season wear. Find this one in the classic whites section of my Etsy shop. If you need a larger or smaller size please message me to request a custom size.

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Isabela said...

I love your shop, your bracelets are fantastic.
Thank you for sharing mine.