December 12, 2011

What is not a Knot? collection on Etsy

Another play on words (very puny!) What is not a Knot? collection made by Kajsa Leijstroem a potter from Sweden making slip decorated earthenware and assemblage art. Check out her shop KajsasinKivik and brighten up your day!

This Infinity Knot Necklace made by Ellie is a handsome piece set off with grey and aquamarine seed beads. See more cool stuff in her shop shining stones.
I like the texture and color of this Macrame necklace with flowers and spirals but if you want one you'll have to order from Marie Orieux. Visit her shop makramasma to get some ideas.

The pattern and color of this Silk Knots Birka Viking Belt Brocade Card/Tablet Weaving is subtle but handsome. Made by Sivrunr from Montreal and available in her shop of the same name along with a small but beautiful collection of other work.

The featured item in this knotty treasury is a simple three part weave design dusty teal and grey turks head knot sailor rope bracelet one of many small size bracelets made from the shorter pieces of cord in my scrap box. These colors are a combination of an unbleached cotton cord and a short stay in the dyebath. See more in the blended colors section of my Etsy shop. The collection changes as the cords are used up making all of these very limited editions.

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kajsaikivik said...

Thanks for featuring my Treasury (and my shop!)in your blog!

I love making word games -but it's hard to make good ones in foreign language ;)