March 12, 2012

grey grommet group 1833

 A group of grey grommets made with hand dyed grey #60 cotton cord and finished with white waxed linen whipping.

A grommet is a round endless ring made from rope that is about five times as along as the circumference of the finished grommet. Read more about these interesting and useful knots on WikiHow or try this netplaces knot site article by Randy Penn. The traditional grommet is made from manila or other natural fiber rope. A length is "un-layed" then woven back together in a circular form.
These cotton grommets are made from cotton cord that is intact not the "un-layed" condition. The overlapping ends are bound up using another traditional marlinspike seamanship technique known as whipping. Ropeworks offers a clear diagram for several types of whipping methods. These are made using "method 3" (scroll down to see it)

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