March 1, 2012

I felt so symbolic yesterday collection on Etsy

Adam Duritz probably isn't a craft follower but his band Counting Crows' work gets top billing in this treasury collection titled I felt so symbolic yesterday pulled together by greenyogini a color fanatic from Cleveland. She and her friend Mr. Jones (who wishes he was just a little more funky) make colorful friendship bracelets and other Vintage, Handmade, and Upcycled Goodies available in her shop greenyogini.

These Legwarmers in Grey with buttons are a very attractive part of a collection from homelab a fanatic knitter living Athens. Visit her shop and have her send you something warm all the way from Greece. (They need the foreign exchange, you need these leg warmers...)

Click on over to XtraVirgin and take a look at this Grey Brass Stud Bracelet made by namthip. Her handmade work is a real bargain and comes in a wide variety of designs.

The featured item in this symbolic collection is this extra wide white & grey medium turks head knot rope sailor bracelet made with hand dyed cotton cord. This is a nice soft and wide slip on cuff that can go everywhere comfortably and won't clatter on your keyboard or desk. See more of these blended color bracelets on Etsy. Even more options and sizes are available at WhatKnotShop on Zibbet.

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homelab said...

Lovely collection !! Thank you for including my legwarmers :)

All the best