July 5, 2012

Behind the scenes at WhatKnotShop - part 1

As many of my fellow crafters know the work that appears on the blog or online shop is merely the tip of the iceberg. Here's a picture of some of the prep work that goes into making rope bracelets.

Here on my dining room table the segments of colored cord have been cut to length and are grouped with the production tickets from recently sold items. Each piece of cord will have it's own card that tracks design and has a unique serial number. The next step is to actually make the bracelet.

The completed item is then stored in a bag with the numbered ticket ready for publication and sale.
This photo shows the completed bracelets (stored in serial number order). The stackable cardboard boxes are (free!) from Costco, the 3x5 cards are both labels and the key element in the inventory control  system.

As each bracelet is sold the ticket is reviewed to determine if the item will be re-made. The ticket is  then used to create the next bracelet.

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