November 24, 2012

beaded green cuff with three button toggle 2482

 One of the design features of many cuff style bracelets is the clasp or buttons that hold the bracelet closed. This design makes a big deal out of this detail by using three buttons and loops in an interlocking pattern. The bracelet is made from cord segments and glass beads that have been laid out and drawn up into highly textured fabric. Extra lengths of the framing cords were used to form the loops that flip over the buttons.
 Three small buttons are stitched into the framing cords with four ply nylon thread. This assembly is done on a mold to ensure that the buttons and loops placement are coordinated. The loops are made snug but not tight to allow for the addition of more cords and beads. Then the cross stitching is done with the nylon thread. The assembly is left in a relaxed condition while all the cross threads are placed.

Here you can see the position of the three loops and buttons in the finished bracelet.
Two of the loops thread inside the larger third loop in an overlapping pattern. The natural pressure on the inside of the bracelet makes the loops settle under the buttons which makes it more secure.

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