November 26, 2012

black beaded cuff 2515

 This is not an angry frog but a ribbed cuff made with paracord scraps and a tube of opaque black glass beads. The ribs are a charcoal grey hand dyed clothesline cord that reads quite a bit lighter in these photos than the actual piece. I was shooting on a grey background and color corrected a bit too much perhaps. Anyway the overall effect is "black on black"
 Size is a "medium-small" 7" (178 mm) inside circumference when buttoned up. The paracord materials compress quite easily and in doing so impart a stiffness to the fabric. This bracelet started out almost 3" wide and compressed to about 2" after the cross stitching was tensioned.
The ribs are bound together with the stitching that holds the rows of glass beads. the design is based on the ethnic cuffs from Pakistan and Afghanistan  tribal cultures. Look for this item in the fiber art design section of my Etsy online marketplace soon.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

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