November 22, 2012

1 button toggle leather bracelet with brown whipping 2488

 This design came about when I was rummaging around in my scrap box and came across a few pieces of this versatile 2 mm leather lacing. These pieces were too short for making the adjustable chokers so what to do? The buttons were out on my workbench for another project and the holes were exactly the correct size for the lacing.

Recently I reordered waxed cord from Brettun's Village in Maine and received some new brown waxed cord in addition to my regular colors. The brown complements the black leather adding a small bit of texture and is very stable when wrapped tightly.

The design is a simple double loop with a relaxed shape. The leather lacing is bunched and wrapped tightly with the waxed cord using a simple coach whipping technique that buries the looped ends inside the wrapping by pulling on the loose ends on the opposite side, subject of a future tutorial.

This is a "large" size 8 1/2" (216 mm) but these can be made-to-order in any size you like.
Here's a detail of the waxed cord wrapping. In addition to the texture this extra bulk gives the bracelet a bit of shape and stiffness.

See these designs in the newly re-named slender leather knots section of my Etsy shop.

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