November 29, 2012

pair of Kuchi Cuffs - design inspiration

 This is a pair of so called "Kuchi cuffs" that I have in my collection sourced from an online vendor. The Kuchi people are Afghan Pashtun nomads. Jewelry like this is available from a large number of sites easily found with search on the term kuchi cuff.

The form of these bracelets is the inspiration for the ribbed cuffs that I have been making and posting here. The "H" shaped form is made from a pair of cast segmented pieces connected with a thin infill panel. The shape is tapered with one end about 5/8" wider than the other.
As you can see the heavy sections at the ends of these cuffs are different. One end is a smoother wrapped pattern about 1/2" wide resembling a cord tightly wrapped around a core material.

The other end is a kind of offset or expanded replication of the main pattern on the infill panel. The casting has a dark void space between the outer edge and the inner edge that is soldered to the infill panel. The material is a hard mixed metal   brass of unknown composition.

The cuffs are made with a hinge to enable the wearer to open them up and place them on the wrist. These are small measuring 7" (178 mm) inside circumference tapering to about 7 5/8" (193 mm)

The patterns are a repeating series of diamonds. circles, and linear shapes that resemble a textile fabric. The interior is smooth although this pair seems to have a lot of wear and some separation of the metal at the seams.

photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

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