November 14, 2012

red beaded rope bracelet 2481

 This beaded cuff bracelet is made with bleached clothesline cord a couple of plastic buttons and a handful of glass beads. The outer two rows are a mix of red and clear beads with a few mixed colors that look like cat's eye marbles. The center is a collection of orange, amber, and purple. All these are real glass so they catch the light.
 The design has this offset loop and button closure system which you can see in the photo. This makes it easy to take on and off. When closed the size is a "medium" measuring 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference. The large number of glass beads makes this a nice hefty weight which you will notice when you are wearing this cuff.

Construction is with four ply waxed nylon thread so everything is secure but flexible to wear comfortably.

This piece will be offered in an upcoming boutique sale. Check Finch's Holiday Time Boutique for details, place and time or visit the fiber art section of my Etsy shop to see some other designs similar to this one.

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