December 8, 2012

beaded cable tie concept bracelet challenge 2546

 Would you rather an Arachnid? Looks something like a spider but more symmetrical and without the head thorax or abdomen...

This is a whimsical construction of black plastic cable ties, the kind you find at the hardware store, and tiny doughnut shaped green glass beads, the kind you find at the bead shop.

There is a cultural distance between these two shopping venues. I'll leave it to another post to discuss this or you may comment if you like...
 This example is only about 2" diameter which is small but the design can be expanded in two ways:

Add more beads to each tie increasing the segment length: -|||||||- to  -|||||||||||||||||||||-

Add additional ties to form a nine or ten or even eleven part polygon.

Design variation: Place an uneven numbers of beads on each tie, and color of beads and ties.
In this closeup you can see the beads are placed on the ties then the tail of one tie is placed in the ratchet of the next tie.

For the people who do numbers theory the ratio of beads to chords might be interesting. Post your suggestions.

Lastly if you have an idea on how to gracefully terminate the ties please post a comment.

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alixara said...

Love it!!! To finish... if you heat the plastic, it curves? It could be beautiful in leather cord with lark head knots.