February 9, 2013

soft suede toggle bracelet 2648

 This design is based on the traditional Nigerian african leather bracelets. This one is made with a skin of leather and stuffed to make a big soft pillow like bracelet.

The outside is a piece of brown suede that has been stitched together with waxed cotton thread. The closure loop was reverse stitched on a sewing machine and turned inside out to conceal the seam. The ends were bound together to close the loop.
 The closure button is a cork that has been carved to make a tapered plug with a button end. The cotton binding thread holds it in place.

The stuffing is polyester quilt batting inserted through the plugged end of the bracelet and packed in place with a chop-stick.

This bracelet look oversized but is featherlight and extremely comfortable
The inside circumference is about 8" (203 mm) but this design has a very soft quality and will compress slightly.

If you are interested in this design please leave a comment.

design and photographs © copyright 2013 WhatKnotShop

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