February 12, 2013

extra wide two button ribbed cuff bracelet with wood beads 2644

Here's another cuff made with the edge binding system from cotton cords and a string of wooden beads. The design uses two one button bracelets made with the same colored cords and adds the 10 mm wooden beads in the center.

Read the one button bracelet tutorial here to see how the pieces are made.

In this bracelet the framing cords are 1/4" line which is thicker than the infill cords and creates a series of ribs.

 Here you can see the dimples made by the tensioned edge binding thread.

The wood beads are stitched in between the ribs after the two one-button segments are complete using the thickness of the framing cord to hide the stitching.

Here's a design without the thicker framing cords
two button rainbow bead cuff rope bracelet 2643
I think the ribbing adds a nice definition to the edge of this cuff. The single grey infill cord sets off the more earthy brown of the beads.

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