May 3, 2013

dinosaur spiked bracelet 2793

This sculpy project involves creating beads that resemble the protruding plates of a stegosaurus and incorporating them into a one button design. This spiky bracelet is a companion piece to the Stegosaurus spiked rope bracelet.

The color is a light tan with grey orange and yellow cords. The framing cords are off-white. The button is also made with the tan clay.

Size is a "small" 7" (178 mm) inside circumference.

 The beads are made with two holes to enable a firm connection to the fabric. You can see these holes in the photo on the left.

The bracelet is constructed the same way as shown in this tutorial with the added beads.

Here's another design made with less aggressively shaped beads you might like.

or maybe this one would be interesting as well
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bbold said...

I have used waxed linen lately and really love how easy it is to work with. I will have to try this tutorial, you have sparked an idea for a twist in it too!

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