May 8, 2013

ultra slender string grommet bracelets 2801

 Grommets are pieces of rope or line that have been unlaid then twisted back into a circular form.

Here's a tutorial that shows how traditional grommets  are made.

Here's a video showing the same process.

The design shown on the left  is made with a waxed thread whipping to bind the loose ends instead of the splicing shown in the tutorial.
 The material used is a white #60 cotton cord which is about 1/8" (3 mm) diameter.

I measure about 3 1/2 circumferences of cord then cut the piece and un-lay it. This creates three strands, each has a "corkscrew" shape due to the original construction of the cord.

As in in the tutorial above the cord is re-twisted in the circular form three times around. The ends are laid parallel and the whipping is applied.
Here you can see the white whipping cord that binds the loose ends which have been trimmed off in the photo.

A variety of sizes is available, this one is a 6" circumference. These are very sturdy and can be stretched hard to slip them over your hand. They will shrink back to original size or slightly smaller if you get them wet.

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