September 3, 2013

black walnuts are in season - hand dyed cord back in stock

Summer got a late start here in Minneapolis but the hot weather  has finally arrived in late August and with it a crop of black walnuts.  There are several trees along the alley behind the house which have been shedding nuts. There is also a small grove in the corner of a park several blocks away. The squirrels are fierce competition but the harvest is underway.

Here's a look at the first batch scooped up from the ground.
These are about the size of paddle tennis balls and as you can see un-split and therefore safe to handle.

So the important thing about this is that these little green nuts make a very nice dark dye that is used to make a once-a-year special colored cord.

Read more about the process of making hand dyed cord here. 

And here is a finished hank of dyed cord ready to use.

Read more about finished rope bracelets made from this special dye here.

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